Blog Elevated Conference, Day 1 Recap

Cathi Taraboi Photography photowalk light

I’ve had a website for my photography business for years, but, hadn’t tackled a blog. I’ve been considering it for a very long time, but, felt I needed more knowledge before diving in. Hence, the Blog Elevated conference…

So, here we go…I was feeling apprehensive, but, gathered my courage and attended the Blog Elevatedconference at the fabulous Houston City Centre. Being a completely new blogger, I just hoped to glean knowledge to do one…my expectations were met a hundred fold! @BlogElevated … they deliver!

I have a folder full of valuable notes from the sessions I attended, but, here’s a very brief ‘snapshot’ of my Day 1 take-aways:

Opening Keynote: John Saddington
Maximize your natural resources, find opportunities in ordinary things.
Market to sell anything. It’s the internet – think out of the box.

Brands and Bloggers PR Panel moderated by Holly Homer
Stay true to yourself.
Keep the blog pumping – stay visible – passion sells!

Achieve Your Publishing Dreams: Angela England
Stop the madness of thinking I can’t do something!
What questions are others asking me, what am I known for?

General Session – SEO: Rae Hoffman
Write what I want to write about, and, what readers want to find.
Find your point of difference…your voice.

PhotoWalk: Rachel Matthews
We braved the rain and stopped at the super cool Elaine Turner boutique. I was completely awestruck by the amazing, shiny chandelier above,  hung above pink plush sofas from an amazing architecturally pleasing ceiling. Circles and squares, they’re mesmerizing! And, what’s a good photo walk without a flute of champagne and cupcakes?

Cathi Taraboi Photography photowalk mirror copy

Yes, I’m the one with the big hair behind the flash. If my kids had been with me, they’d have said “Mom, really? Do you have to use your work gear in public, it’s embarrassing!”

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