Blog Elevated Conference, Day 2 Recap

Selfie @ BE2

Day 2 at the Blog Elevated Conference held at the Norris Conference Center at City Centre, was rainy and grey in Houston, but, just as information-packed and awesome as Day 1! My brief take-ways from blog sessions from Day 2…

How to Rock a Brand Ambassadorship: Katie Laird
Experiment without fear of failure.
Set myself apart with stellar work.

Smart Keywords: Unlock Your Blog’s Potential: Zach Doty
What question does my blog answer?
If your keywords are good, they will come.

Making Pinterest Work for You: Stacy Teet
Give pinners a reason to click through to your website.
Wow them, how them, holy cow them!

Lights, Props, Action! Prop Styling, Lighting and Photography: Rachel Matthews
Shoot tethered in Photoshop to see instant results on a monitor.
Use colorwheel for matching colors. Light-scraping moves light from one side to another.

Closing Keynote: Karen Walrond
Diversify your medium.
Make passion your hustle, don’t just phone it in.

I don’t have photos of the conference sessions…I was too busy taking a folder full of notes, but, did take the time to get some shots of the delicious food! My lunch choice that was included in the conference was from the Chef’s Table menu at Brio Tuscan Grille. I had Lobster Bisque and Ravioli Di Bello, with an appetizer we shared of mixed bruschetta. Delizioso!  Excellent service and fabulous food…thanks @BlogElevated and @BrioItalian!!

Group of hunger bloggers at Brio!

CathiTaraboiPhotography at Brio group

As the menu says: To eat well is to live well…

CathiTaraboiPhotography Brio menu

Delectable mixed bruschetta – so, so good.

CathiTaraboiPhotography Brio app

The lobster bisque included shrimp and a touch of sherry. Very creamy – perfect!

CathiTaraboiPhotography Brio lobster bisque copy

My entree was Ravioli Di Bello: portobello ravioli with cremini mushrooms, tomatoes, parmigiano-reggiano and fresh thyme in a light champagne brown butter sauce. Incredibly savory and delicious with the right amount of thyme.

CathiTaraboiPhotography Brio ravioli

On the subject of food ~ the dinner party was a wonderful ending to a fabulous conference.

CathiTaraboiPhotography BlogElevated dinner party

CathiTaraboiPhotography BlogElevated dinner party dessert*food photos taken with iPhone

I’d like to thank Lisa Stauber and Bobbie Byrd for organizing the Blog Elevated 2013 Conference and providing so many knowledgeable speakers on a vast array of topics that were all extremely helpful for a new blogger like me. See you next year!!

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