Fall is arriving in Texas!

Cathi Taraboi Photography leaves

It’s September 22 and my desk pad calendar states “Autumn begins” on the square designated for this day 265/100 of 2013. Clearly, the calendar and nature are in agreement! As I opened the door to let Allie out this morning, I was greeted with a cool, refreshing breeze and a gift of beautiful fallen leaves and pine cones. I couldn’t be happier that fall is FINALLY on it’s way to Texas. I know, 66 degrees is not so cool in many areas of the country, but, here it’s what we dream of in hot, steamy, tropical August in the Houston area. Anything below 80 is glorious!

The windows were a little reluctant to open, as they’ve been closed for many months (seems like years since it’s been cool enough turn off the A/C) but, they’re open and I’m loving the fresh air moving through the house. As long as possible anyway, until it heats up again this afternoon and I’ll once again hear the hum of the A/C. But, I’m looking forward to enjoying my coffee tomorrow morning on the deck…outside! But, not to worry…fall in all it’s glory is arriving soon!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this beautiful God-given day where ever you are, friends!

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