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If you’ve decided to sell your home yourself, you need professional Real Estate photos for online and flyer use. Potential home buyers are searching various sites for their next home, so, beautiful, professional photos that showcase your home is an absolute necessity.

I’m a full-time professional Real Estate photographer of 9 years providing photos, virtual tours, brochure templates among other services to more than 30 regular REALTOR® clients, and I’d be happy to provide your ‘For Sale By Owner’ Real Estate photography needs as well. I will photograph your property and custom edit the images in Photoshop, or will similarly edit the photos you take, and, return them to you bright, beautiful and sized for internet use, as well as for flyer usage.

Below is an example of a room photographed with a point and shoot camera, and, the final image that was custom edited in Photoshop.

After custom Photoshop editing | Cathi Taraboi Photography

After custom Photoshop editing. Color and exposure corrected, fire added to fireplace, flash reflections and power cords removed.

Before custom Photoshop editing | Cathi Taraboi Photography

Before custom Photoshop editing.

The photo of the bathroom below was taken by a client, and was then also photographed with a professional grade DSLR camera, and flash.

Professionally photographed and custom Photoshop edited | Cathi Taraboi Photography

Professionally photographed and custom Photoshop edited.

Photo taken with a point and shoot camera | Cathi Taraboi Photography

Photo taken by a client with a point and shoot camera.

When you list your home on Real Estate websites such as, and, etc; you’ll need fabulous photos to set your listing apart from other FSBO listings. To prepare your home for photos, be sure to de-clutter all rooms and turn on all lights and lamps…it’ll brighten your photos and give it a homey glow. Also, remove toys and garden hoses from front and back yards, mow grass and clear sidewalk and driveway of any debris. The saying ‘less is more’ is an understatement in Real Estate photography!

Contact me when you’re ready to sell your home, to arrange your photo editing, a virtual tour set to music, brochure templates and other services you may be interested in. I’ll also provide a free complete photo shoot prep list to help you ready your home for photography!



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