Impatiens and Mums

As I water my flowers these days, I’m so pleased to see the impatiens that were given to me as a birthday gift back in April are still blooming and looking beautiful! Since I don’t have the greenest of thumbs…this makes me super happy, as I’m notorious for killing plants. I either over-water them, or forget to water them entirely. I need to set an alarm or something. In addition to that, I’m never sure how much to water them. Seriously, it shouldn’t be this complicated! I love it when it rains…I don’t have to figure out that ‘how much’ question, and, they always look awesome afterward!



Now that it’s fall, I’m loving the¬†vibrant yellow mums that add a bright splash of color to our deck. They say they’re easy to grow…hmmm, I’ll be the judge of that! Hopefully, they’ll be ‘Cathi-proof’ and survive as long as my impatiens are!

CathiTaraboiPhotograpy Mum

Any suggestions for other colorful, easy-to-grow fall plants for Texas Zone 9 would be really appreciated!

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